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Introduction Internet marketers love repeating the phrase, “the money is in the list,” and creating an effective squeeze page is your number one line of defense against weak and feeble lists. Before you attempt to bulk up your business via your name squeeze page, you need to understand its purpose.

Nearly all Internet marketers know what this page is, but they are doing a terrible job at creating at effective landing page for users to quietly rest their information. This report will teach you how to capture and build a top-notch list by using just the facts on your squeeze page.

Why Use a Squeeze Page? First and foremost, you need to know why you have a squeeze page and what you are wanting to get out of it.

Research has shown that most Internet users are not likely to make a purchase the first time they land on a site.

So, rather than losing potential customers who flock elsewhere browsing for the perfect bargain, a squeeze page provides you with the opportunity to politely ask permission to follow up with your online window shoppers.

How Do They Get There?

The most effective squeeze pages use enticing emails to drive traffic to the sites. The emails are sent either by the product owner promoting a new product or joint venture partners.

Essentially, the email drives ready-to-sign-up traffic directly to the this page. If you did your job as a copywriter (or hired a copywriter to write effective copy), then the email should have done a thorough job at describing in detail exactly what the reader would get when clicking the site link.

Even though it creates an extra step, the pre-sell email is an essential step to your conversion rate. Many savvy marketers will tell you it’s not necessary. However, this slight inconvenience isn’t enough to deter those already sold on your product.

Best of all, it separates users into two lists: the interested and the non-interested parties. That way you capture an audience willing to learn more about what you are selling.

What’s in It for Me?

All right, you know how to get readers to your squeeze page, so what do you do with them once they get there? You learned above that an effective email campaign should explain in detail what the reader should expect upon visiting your landing page.

So, there is no need to explain it again, right? Your squeeze page should be precise, to the point, and filled with facts, not fluff. If you get too detailed, you are creating another sales page. The most effective method for creating a squeeze page is through use of bullet points.

Generate a list of 3 to 4 essential facts about what you are trying to sell. Readers are crunched for time. They want to immediately know within 3 seconds, “what’s in it for me?” and, “how much will this cost?” If you don’t give them this, you lose them.

Essentially, your page should have enough detail to get readers to opt-in and not a breath more. It’s most effective purpose is to gain permission to continue your sales conversation. Once you have this permission with your opt-in list, you can really start selling your product.

What’s on the Other Side?

Readers are drawn to your squeeze page for a specific incentive. They signed up with the intention of receiving something in return.

What are you going to offer them? In your initial email campaign, make an offer that entices them to sign up. Write a free report, give away an eBook, a free downloadable podcast, or some other source of digital media that will provide useful information specific to your business while getting your reader to opt-in.

The purpose here is the draw them in and keep them so interested in receiving whatever enticing information you offered that they don’t think twice about opting into your list.

The next step is the your follow up squeeze page. It is the page your viewer sees once he or she has opted in to your email list. A very powerful tool is to use the information provided on the follow up page. Personal data used in the form can be used directly in the copy on the next page.

For example, if your page is for a site selling educational aids for children, you may ask the age and name of the viewer’s child. The following page can then directly take that data and write it into the sales copy. This can be done so that your reader does not consciously recognize the copy has been personalized for him. Then you avoid any accusations of blatantly hooking them into a product.

How Do I Make This Easier?

You don’t have to generate tons of pages with links in order to produce an effective stream of squeeze pages. Software is available to generate these types of squeeze pages for you. This software is great if you don’t understand how to set up coding that tells pages to pass along certain variables from one to another.

Clickfunnels and WordPress Squeeze Page Theme are one of the great squeeze pages generator. They are easy to use and is recommended by many top Internet marketers.


It’s no secret in the Internet marketing world that list building generates money. Is there any better way to turn a profit than to build a list of people who have in some form or another said, “You advertise a great product. I ordered from you previously and may do so again”?

Ah, so you can cater to the needs of those who already show great interest in what you have to offer. And to think, it all begins with a simple squeeze page with just the facts.

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