One Funnel Away Challenge – Review

I will share with you now that why One Funnel Away Challenge is a big push towards success and how you can get immediate results from it too!

Online marketing is a huge subject, by now you must have realized that in order to make progress in online marketing, a clear direction is important.

The market is big!

There are countless niches (the type of products to sell online, for example : real estate / health products / fashion ).

So many people are doing marketing online!!

Suddenly the question pop up in mind: WHAT do “I” do! …to be successful in [My Business].

How can I compete against successful people that are already doing it like pro!?

…you must have asked yourself many questions on number of occasions.

And felt so small to start, lack of self confidence and self doubting…

I asked that to myself when I was new in Online Marketing.

And I asked that to myself when I was already into online marketing as side hustle.

It is okay, because to help us co-op with that One Funnel Away Challenge was created.

One fabulous 30 days training program for beginner online marketer to business owners. It is made with keeping all level of individuals in mind.

One Funnel Away Challenge starts right from there, answering all self-doubting questions.

One Funnel Away Challenge starts with aligning the mindset.

And seriously, aligning the mindset is one big step towards greater achievements.

I couldn’t at first imagine, that the One Funnel Away Challenge will help me fix my own thoughts.

Well, it did. It prepared me to believe in myself and build up my confidence, because without that there is slim chance to succeed.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day step by step online training program to help you create a high converting sales funnel in Clickfunnels that will start generating income, depending on the traffic sources that are used to generate traffic.

Here is what the 30 days challenge road map looks like:-

Once you are good with mindset… then it is time to understand the power of Hook, Story, Offer…

In marketing, there is a flow of things to be done in sequence. (I think there is a sequence in everything, like stages of life, …. we cant skip or rewind or switch part of life here and there for it to be perfect, instead it will be a big mess, right?!).

Likewise, in Marketing, a Funnel plays a BIG ROLE. It is set in sequence, that we will talk about in a while.

Then the funnel does the job, that “we” set it to do.

The whole purpose of One Funnel Away Challenge is to prepare you with the right mindset and show the effective process of the sales funnel.

You will know how to create a sales funnel to show “your product” to the right audience using the sequence of : HOOK, STORY, OFFER.

You get the idea… You Will Learn To Set The Hooks, Tell A Story and then Create an Offer :-

In order to create the hook, story and offer, your coaches will train you in live sessions daily for 30 days to take you by hand to show how to create a funnel and execute it using the hooks, story and the offer.

I was fortunate to directly learn from the coaches Russel Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

Because they are legends in online marketing industry!

Your Coaches for 30 days:-

In 4th week, the funnel is complete and now it is ready for receive traffic.

If you are already into marketing that then you already know how important two things are : Taking Action & Generating Traffic.

In One Funnel Away Challenge, you will be made to take action.

We are often scared to take action, because for example we are unsure about the work we did, and criticism from audience.

But One Funnel Away Challenge will not let you down, it will make you create seamless offers that will make you want to share with everyone.

Not only that, the coaches also share the best way the traffic can be generated organically.

Generating traffic itself is one big enigma, but in One Funnel Away Challenge, that enigma as well is solved.

Stephen Larsen showed the exact steps to do, no time to waste, and gives a mission to be accomplished on the same day.

By end of the 30 days, you will already see how your skills has advanced.

In fact there will be nothing holding you back from success.

This is the kind of challenge I love, no time waste, pure value and something that gave me confidence to start creating great offers and execute the campaigns.

Let us see what others have to say about the One Funnel Away Challenge Challenge:-

For me, One Funnel Away Challenge was not just a training, it is a life changing 30 days, that gave me everything from A to Z about how to create offers and execute them.

I took so many courses and spent lots of money on them and One Funnel Away Challenge thought me the important side of online marketing, that I applied while I was still going though the One Funnel Away Challenge, and you can see my result below:-

The excitement started when I was waiting for the One Funnel Away Challenge parcel was on its way to me, I went the Post Office to collect my One Funnel Away Challenge box… here is a picture of the box coming home with me.

And the best support and encouragement from the coaches.

Check out the next One Funnel Away Challenge training date and register for it in order by clicking here