One Funnel Away Challenge – Review 2020

One Funnel Away Review 2020


#1st Rated
One Funnel Away - Challenge 2020


One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-days online training and step-by-step guide on how to build a funnel successfully. Coached by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen.


What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away is 30-day, step-by-step online training, showing the complete concept of a funnel in any business and demonstrating live how it is created.  

The  One Funnel Away Challenge is segregated in modules and it challenges the trainees to create a funnel.

And that one funnel can be their first (or the next) funnel away from their dream.

In Russell Brunson's own explanation, he want you to design and architect and understand that one funnel and how it will work for you "specifically".

And it is more than that, in nutshell, the challenge cleanse all the self-doubt and false disbelief. 

This prepares you to start fresh, with positive attitude towards your goal.

Then you will be able to create an offer, build your funnel and execute it.

One Funnel Away - Challenge 2020 - OFA Points

In the span of 30 days, each day training will give you a mission to be accomplished before the next training approaches.

It may seem overwhelming to few to do the homework, but this is what the challenge is about. 

Most people lack the ability or confidence to execute their best projects. One Funnel Away Challenge makes them execute the funnel, the right away. 

It allows them to climb this gigantic wall called, fear, with confidence and lets them see the fruits of their smart work! 

Russell Brunson clickfunnels

Russell Brunson

"It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem...


(or, not executing the right way). "

Who Should You Take One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away is a challenge. It challenges anyone in any situation, to come out of it, in a better version.

At least, it is how thousands of people from many professional background and different countries said in their testimonials. 

Whether someone is running a GYM or a Bakery, One Funnel Away will teach them how to create groundbreaking offers. 

Actually, not just offers, but a sequence of events, that will make the offer irresistible using the Hook, Story, Offer Strategy

This three step process converts leads into clients and sells anything online.

mike testimonial - one funnel away

Creating offers is an essential part of all businesses.

You may have noticed it already, almost everywhere... whether you are buying a meal or tour package, it all is wrapped up in an attractive offer at first sight, only if they knew how to do it.

But, if the offer looks or sounds dull, it is a put off and you go to find something better. 

Maybe, the product wasn't really bad, but they couldn't put it together to make it great offer.

And most the time, one is willing to pay the small additional amount of money as long as the product delivers the value. 

Offers food chain

This is not an just an Advertisement, this is an example of an "Offer"

An offer is magical: Its attractive to eyes, the headline, is the hook.

It got your attention and triggers the brain to start feeling hungry. 

So you already where looking for food, you found a perfect meal, and the FREE Sundae is amazing, so to get it for free... lets go for large burger. 

Nothing to lose, its nice meal and a free Sundae!

Psychological Deals!

In the training you will learn to create jaw-dropping offers! 

offer upsell one time offer

The picture above is a structure of how the offer (for instance) is in step by step process.

So you do not just sell a thing, you get the lead into a CRM system, they like your offer, they give you their email*, then they buy from you and they may like more stuff that you have on discounted prices as one-time-offer. 

Note* by collecting email, you can send future offers to them. 

So, the question, who should take the One Funnel Away Challenge?

Anyone can take the challenge, whether they have a local business or an online business, or even if ​they Do Not Have Their Own Product Yet!

Yes, that is true!

Because, by the time I took the challenge, I did not have my own product, and guess what, the training delivered this part of my concern too. 

You will learn more about yourself too, about what you are good at and create great offers around it!

30-Day Challenge Modules and the Coaches

30 days training path looks like:-


The first week is a warm up, Stephan Larsen, will drop some golden nuggets in the daily LIVE training. 

The Funnel Hacking and the Offer Hacking is very interesting part of the training.

It shows how to analyze a funnel that is generating results greatly and create a similar one.

As a beginner, to be able to create something like that is magical. 

And then the Offer Hacking is another magical thing to do, and the coaches will take the members in depth of how an irresistible Offer can be created.

In the next two weeks, the training will focus on the Hook, Story, Offer strategy and then creating the Hook, Story and the Offer.

This is at this part of the training, where you will learn and have a product that you can create the offer around. 

one funnel away - dashboard affiliate

In the dashboard, the modules, videos and the bonuses are accessible for the members even after the OFA challenge is over. 

one funnel away modules coaches

One Funnel Away Module - with day by day missions and mission reviews - weekends are break time to catch up with the missions.

The Live training is held in a dedicated Facebook Group.

If you purchased the online package of One Funnel Away Challenge, then you will have soft copies of the material. 

one funnel away unboxing

This is my FREE OFA Box, shipped from USA to Dubai for only shipping fee of AED 79/- that is about $19/-.

However, if you pay for the shipping, approx. $19, then Russell will ship you a Box with physical training material for FREE

And the reason why I ordered it was, I like to be organized.

Having the progress book helped me keep track of what I was learning and my progress in details.

With physical notes, it is easy to go back to and learn and practice. 

Let me show you the Training Kit:

one funnel away kit

1- MP3 Player - Audio recording of all the coaching calls.

2- One Funnel Away Work Book 

3- 30-Days Book - A hardcover book in which 30 millionaires share their Interviews and actionable 30 day plans, to come out of the broke situation if they lost everything.

The Three Coaches : Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.


In the 30 days course, the three coaches will deliver revolutionary techniques as most has never known before taking this course. 

Which makes this course even more unique.

One Funnel Away Challenge Testimonials

These are a few testimonials from members that took the challenge.

One Funnel Away - Testimonial Shay Sparks
One Funnel Away - Testimonial Wendy Opthof
One Funnel Away - Testimonial Sandra Hartman

Pros and Cons

One Funnel Away Challenge Pros and Cons

All products and services have pros and to make the product or service even better we have to genuinely highlight the cons too


  • Comprehensive Coaching  (Mindset, Creating Offers, Secret Marketing Techniques, Traffic Generation Methods and more...)
  • Great Training Material
  • One Funnel Away Challenge has a Dashboard, the modules unlocks as the training progresses
  • Excellent Coaches and coaching calls (Live)
  • Delivering incredible value and marketing techniques for the small fee
  • Free and full access to Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Refer OFA and get 100%  commission ($100)


  • Training is on fast pace, so completing the daily missions is required! (these are missions that challenges the trainee to take action fast to get results fast)
  • Attending daily live calls (approx. 1 hour). If you miss that out, you can still catch up from watching replay in the group. So do not panic.
  • Pricey Course, but tons of value inside


One Funnel Away Challenge is the work of people who worked very hard from the scratch till they succeeded in their lives. 

Now multi-millionaires, they have created this step- by-step training to help everyone, who wants to make impact in their lives or in others lives.

One Funnel Away Challenge helped many people realize the gap in their businesses through their unique strategies and it has also helped many people that were starting from zero.

This challenge gives everyone access to learn how to build a million dollar business, even if they are broke. 

But without taking action, nothing is possible. 

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