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Four Percent 4.0

FourPercent is an online education platform that delivers video courses, programs and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Four Percent 4.0

What Is Four Percent Group?

Four Percent is an educational platform in online marketing. This company was formed by Vick Strizheus and it was officially launched in 2016.

In April 2020, the company did a major upgrade to version Four Percent 4.0

Four Percent provide intense high level, but simple and step by step training courses for everyone, who are willing to learn, enhance or upgrade their knowledge in online marketing. 

These trainings are created with everyone in mind, that even a newbie can learn online marketing starting from scratch. 

Four Percent Group What is four percent

Alongside training, Four Percent has its own affiliate marketing program, in which a Four Percent member can start earning recurring income from Multiple Streams of Income (MSI). 

Making learning even more practical, when the member implements the training and activating the income streams to start seeing results.

Who Is Vick Strizheus?

Vick Strizheus is the founder of Four Percent Group.

Vick created Four Percent with goal to help entrepreneurs gain success and flourish their online business independently. 

Four Percent Programs

Four Percent has introduced the Affiliate Marketing Academy (AMA) when they upgraded to Four Percent 4.0.


This includes:-

  • Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketing
  • AMA Exclusive - Live Streams - Implementing Mastermind
  • Affiliate Offers - Marketplace
Four Percent Programs - Affiliate Marketing

As you can see in the picture above about the Success Challenge. 

What makes this training unique from all other training that I came across on Affiliate Marketing is that, it is clear, to the point and effective.

For instance, when I was introduced to Affiliate Marketing in 2015, all I knew was to promote the affiliate link everywhere, for example: Facebook Groups and Discussions Boards on internet. 

That is all we learn as a newbie, isn't it? For most of us, it is unacceptable.

That maybe one simplest method to promote affiliate links online, sadly, that method is also called spamming and Affiliate Marketing does not work that way. 

Four Percent Programs helps members know and learn the ethical methods of Affiliate Marketing, such as creating landing pages, email marketing, email follow up, tracking conversions. 

I am Affiliate Marketer, but I do not know where to find the prospects?

Most Affiliate Marketers would like to know where to find the right prospects and how to generate traffic online. 

Four Percent answers to that as well. Four Percent is a 360 degree training platform, as it covers all the topics that a marketer at any level could have. 

Four Percent shares the best traffic generation methods by one of the top marketers in their field to help online marketers and entrepreneurs succeed in online marketing business. 

Below are the Traffic Generation Training by experts in their fields.

Four Percent Traffic Generation Training

  • Internet Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus
  • SEO Mastery by Josh Earp
  • Insta Traffic Mastery by Tim Karsliyev 
  • Facebook PPC Secrets by Adrian Morrison
  • Facebook Fan Page Domination by Anthony Morrison
  • List Building Strategies by Vick Strizheus
  • E-Stage Academy by Nigel Yates
  • ECOM Entrepreneur by Shubham Singh
Four Percent Programs - Traffic Generation

These are some of the highly demanded traffic generation trainings. 

Some might see it as a bit of a work, but this is why the Four Percent step-by-step video guide training in Affiliate Marketing is unique... because it got everything a marketer can ask for and it can be followed easily, even by someone who does not have any technical experience. 

The $10K Level, Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketing, is completely presented by Vick Strizheus.

Vick Strizheus's fun and down-to-earth way of training makes it enjoyable to learn. 

Why Should I Join Four Percent


You are stuck in a job or poor management that you do not like and want to gain control of your life, by working online that makes you financially independent.

You would like to become Affiliate Marketer but do not know where to start.

You would like to make money online, but right now you do not have your own product to sell in order to make money.

You are new to affiliate marketing and have no idea how to market any product.


Four Percent is not just a training platform, but it have its own Affiliate Marketing program for its members to start making money from multiple income streams, all under one dashboard.

Four Percent provide range of video training, in step-by-step format, for affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs to upgrade their marketing skills and start seeing good results, money.

Four Percent delivers top level training, by following them thoroughly, you can start your own online business independently. 

Four Percent 4.0

The Pros and Cons of Joining Four Percent


  • World-Class Online Marketing Education
  • Built-In Affiliate Marketing for Members
  • Income Eco-System, to earn from Multiple Streams of Income (MSI), Recurring Income.
  • Excellent Support 
  • Gaining Knowledge That Gives Power To Earn Independently 
  • Over 300,000 Members from Over 130 Countries
  • All Trainings in Video Format


  • Additional Marketing Tools are Required, but are also required in any business online
  • Some Trainings Should Be Unlocked First
  • Pricey Upgrades
  • Requires Focus and Time


Four Percent Testimonial Kelsey and Muriel
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My Experience With Four Percent 

When I joined Four Percent, that was sometime before its official launch, I did not know what I was about to discover. 

Four Percent Challenge Digital Twixcy Final

Vick provided a video step by step course in Affiliate Marketing, that consisted of how I can set up a complete affiliate marketing campaign. His lively and fun styled training showed how to : 

  • Create a converting landing page 
  • Setting up email autoresponder
  • Tracking each click
  • Methods to generate traffic online
  • Making Sales Online

Although I had some idea about Affiliate Marketing, but what I learned through Four Percent was nothing that any other training platform would show, with such transparency and straightforward way, for a small fee.

The reason why I say it a small fee is because, previously, before I joined Four Percent, I have spent a lot of money on courses on other training platforms and local training institutes, but they were full of fluff and did not give any real value for the money I spent. 

I thought that was it!

My online business foundation is built on the training from Vick. 

Without his super fun packed training, I would have failed in online marketing. 

Today I independently run my own business in generating online traffic (Solo Ads) and Search Engine Marketing and I am proud to say that it all started from Four Percent.

I can independently earn not from affiliate marketing, but also from providing my clients online marketing services and couching. 

In the end of the review, you can avail one of the most in demand traffic generation training from me (30 minutes 101 training) for signing up with Four Percent.


Four Percent is an excellent platform to start learning Affiliate Marketing.

Four Percent provides its members with the world-class training in Online Marketing with full transparency to meet their earning goals. 

Four Percent member can also become a Four Percent Affiliate and make money from over 7 streams of income from a single dashboard.

Four Percent is highly recommended learning the ethical, best and most effective methods of Affiliate Marketing and Online Marketing, to make income online.

Attraction Marketing - Four Percent Group Training

Four Percent 4.0 Membership

Become part of Four Percent today to avail my 101 coaching in :-

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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