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Providing the best courses online in affiliate marketing to help new and midway entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers to create semi-auto system that makes money.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money online. 

The reason why it is the best way to make money online is because, anyone can select an affiliate marketing platform and promote their products to sell it, without owning it. 

It doesn't requires an investment to start promoting products. 

It is simply the simplest way to make income online in free time or full time.

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Hazel Al

digital & affiliate marketing strategists and leads generation & traffic master

hazel al aka digitalhazel 


Discover the courses, resources and tools.
 Also check out the blog having latest reviews on top marketing products.
These products have revealed to generate the results and making money online.


Four high-recommended courses added.

Each being unique, they reveals the powerful techniques to setup sustainable business, promote and make substantial income online. 

Unlocking multiple streams of income now.

Check all the online marketing training courses now!

Resources And tools

Here are the best  online and affiliate marketing tools, books and resources.

These resources will transform online and affiliate marketing businesses.

Click here to see our resource list.


Discover the Marketing Products Reviews.

We post regularly about the best and the effective marketing products and software to boosts online and affiliate marketing businesses.

Check out the latest blog posts on SEO products to generate traffic to your online business.


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Get free access to Affiliate Marketing, Clickfunnels Training and Solo Ads Training now.

These Training courses are created with the below in mind:-

  • If you have never done Affiliate Marketing or online business before
  • If you do not have your own online or physical products
  • If you are struggling to generate online sales in your current online business

You can select any of the listed courses that will show you the exact steps to become successful in online business!

Note: These training has made full time income for people that took this training to quit their jobs and become full time online marketers.

For example:


1- Spencer Mecham created the training course, Training in Box, which was originally known as Business in Box in 2018, it is a done-for-you training funnel, built in Clickfunnels, that made him one of the top earners "Two Comma Earner" in Clickfunnels.

2- Franklin Hatchett is a digital entrepreneur. His great way of delivering online training on affiliate marketing is incredible.

Even a newbie or even an advanced marketer can take his training to advance in their online marketing journey.

He understands how tough it is for a new marketeers to make money online, that is why he is very open about how a newbie can also do online marketing using his simple yet effective methods.

3- Rachel S. Lee has been doing marketing for sometime, but she got her momentum when she started build her business using the Clickfunnels platform.

Below are the training courses (funnel / material / resources list included) by the above mentioned successful entrepreneurs.

You can become next big online marketer too, pick your course now:-

(Please take one course at a time)

Resources and Marketing Tools

Resources and Marketing Tools

I have hand picked the essential and powerful tools to build online business. 

These tools are required at early point of online journey, in order be in the fast track to gain the online success!

In one of our programs called 10K Challenge - Four Percent Group, the video training takes the students from very basic level knowledge in online and affiliate marketing to advanced level knowledge.

Vick's transparent training is designed for students to get complete level of information and experience on how online marketing tools helps businesses growth.

Vick's delivers full transparency on how money is made online at the fastest pace possible.

Shaqir Hussyin is CEO of WealthAcademy and a 7 figure earner, he is also one of the top earner in the Four Percent Group (Hall of Fame). 

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